Synergy – great software

I’m used to having virtual machines to do multiple os’s, but now at work there’s a spare machine laying around, so on goes linux to use as main pc. This way when windows blue screens as it does far too often, I can keep working on the linux box. Happy Days, higher productivity.

But, I don’t want multiple keyboards/mice.
I also don’t want a physical KVM, expensive, manual process.

Enter Synergy, like having linux in a virtual pc on the second screen, mouse and keyboard moves flawlessly between them.

Went straight to their beta release 1.4.6, works great on Ubuntu 11.4 (as server).
Once installed deb from
Go ‘One Button’ or ‘Dash Home’ or whatever it’s called, type Startup Applications. Open it. Then ‘Add’, name=synergy, command=synergy, Save. Logout, Login, easy. Should be in the top menu now ans a little grene/blue circle.

On windows-7 x64, I need it as a service or I can’t login (to domain) at boot. Service mode didn’t want to work by default for me, it’d start, conenct, but not mouse/keyboard working.
Use the launcher to put in server settings and hit test button to make sure it works. This did for me. Then use the Autostart button add ‘When Computer Starts’ to install the service.
Read to set all applications in the folder to Administrator (ie right clock, properties -> Compatibility -> Run this program as Administrator) but not sure if that’s really needed.
The main thing that fixed it was changing the service parameters in regedit.

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services\Synergy Client\Parameters]
“CommandLine”=” –no-daemon¬†–reload –debug DEBUG1 –name MELDSK2006 ANDREWLIN:24800″

Adding the –reload is what fixed it for me. Stop-Start the service in service.msc and it was away!

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