Sunroof Rattle Fix

So I had a rattle coming from the sunroof. It manifested itself as a tap every time I hit any sort of bump in the road, and has been bugging me for ages. I had narrowed it to the passenger side of the sunroof, at the front, and it only happenned when the sunroof was in completely closed position, it seemed to stop as soon as the sunroof was moved in either direction. You could hear the tap when pressing on the sunroof on the passenger-front corner of the glass.

So without further ado, I pulled the sunroof apart.

First step – pull off the plastic edge liner. This is started by sliding the roof back a bit and unscrewing the 4 screws. These are quite short screws and drop easily.

plastic strip

While holding the plastic bit in place move the roof closed again, and then tilt forward. Now the back ends of the plastic can be removed. They are simply cliped into place, so pull the ends off (pull towards the centre of the car). Then manuvoure the plastic bit off, shoving some out the tilted window helps to screw it around and out. This picture shows the clip at the end to give a better idea of the way to remove it.

Next step is to remove the window, this is done by removing the 6 bolts, 3 on each side.

roof bolts

With them out the window simply lifts out from the top. Be careful with the bolts, one of mine fell straight down the hole for the hand brake (the hole lined with brush), and is gone for good. So one less bolt in my sunroof. Lift off the roof and place it somewhere safe!

This exposes the mechanism. After a lot of poking around I narrowed my rattle down to the pin at the front of the mechanism, it has obviossly worn just enough to play too freely in the hole. These pics show the location of the pin that caused my rattle (not the bolt next to it)

To fix it properly you would either replace the slider 🙁 or you would remove the slider, drill out the hole, and put in a nice nylon bush. To fix it my way, I removed the pin (take the bolt off, releases a little bracket and the pin comes straight out), pulled the slider up a bit so I could see in the hole, then I shoved a little bit of clear sticky tape in the hole, so that it was flat with the inside curve of the hole. Then a little bit of silicone grease in the hole, reassemble, and the sunroof is as good as new. When putting the 6 bolts back in, you have to hold the sunroof up so it’s level with the outside of the car, the bolts give a fair bit of height adjustment, mostly at the back.

If the rattle returns I’ll probably do the whole drill and bush thing, but in the mean time I’m happy!