Domain controller can’t see me after wakeup

I hibernate my pc’s each night, generally works well.

Woke them up this morning, windows box doesn’t have any synergy mouse/keyboard, can’t log in. after much switching keyboard back and forth between the two, I find windows box can’t resolve linux box by name. The domain controller is happily resolving the windows box, linux can see it, but not vice versa.

Eventually found that if I get linux box to do a smb lookup all of a sudden it reminds the domain controller I’m here and it’ll resolve linux box again no worries. So I’ll now make sure that happens automatically on each wakeup:

# sudo nano -w /etc/pm/sleep.d/wakeup_domain_ping


# I’ve found that sometimes on wakeup the domain controller doens’t realise I’m here…
# so windows box can’t see me by name and therefore doesn’t have any working mouse/keyboard from synergy

case $1 in
# No need to do anything here
# “Ping” domain controller
smbclient -L andrewlin

# sudo chmod +x  /etc/pm/sleep.d/wakeup_domain_ping

Happy days.

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